Butterfly style Thai Khim hammer dulcimer

1.  Will you send to Louisiana, United States?

2.  I prefer teak wood, but other woods will be accepted.

3.  How much for extra pair of the wood pieces to hit the strings? Will the piece to tune come with Khim? How much for extra string to repair in case I need it in the future? I may not need it, but want to ask. Please tell price for each part, so I can make decision if I want it or not.

4.  DVD/VCD that teach how to play and show steps, notes, songs, etc. How much? I like old songs such as Lao Duang Duan, etc.

5.   Will you accept PayPal or credit card?  I know you stated about bank deposit, I can do that too should I agree to buy your products.

Please contact me regarding above questions. Thank you very much. You can contact me in Thai language, I just cannot type Thai. I unserstand Thai.  Thanks again.

5.  How much it will be for the package of what I mentioned above? Let me know. Email:      or


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Can you share the latest here? Looking forward for that.

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